In today’s environment, businesses no longer have the option to make bad hiring decisions. The risks are too high; the costs too great. Million Dollar Hire shows how any company… large, small, or even a start-up… can reinvent its hiring process… and add millions to the bottom line.

Written by David P. Jones—an expert in creating human resources solutions—Million Dollar Hire offers tools to translate hiring decisions into solid financial returns.  Jones draws on decades of experience, in the U.S and internationally, to highlight examples of real-world hiring systems—ones that produce higher sales, stronger customer relationships, lower turnover, better production rates, fewer accidents and injuries, and other hard payoffs that drive business success.

Jones even shows how to produce a measureable return through better hiring for jobs where performance is tough to measure in hard numbers, and reveals how to estimate the financial payoff for every step in the hiring process.  Step by step, the examples in Million Dollar Hire show how to treat every hiring decision with the same focus a business brings to acquiring and managing other high-value assets.

Million Dollar Hire also reviews the vast range of technologies that help a business find candidates before the competition, match them to the job, and track their success.  It explains with clear cut examples how different technology solutions translate to financial returns.  Jones even shows how to manage the legal risks and challenges that can come with every hiring decision.

Million Dollar Hire is an invaluable tool for executives, HR professionals, and hiring managers who want to revamp what is often one of the least sophisticated parts of their business: how it finds… and keeps… extraordinary talent.