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Dr. Jones spends an hour with BlogTalkRadio’s Wayne Hurlbert discussing the financial payoff that comes with hiring the best talent. Jones walk Wayne through the revolution in tools, technology, and user platforms that has changed completely the world of recruiting and hiring over the past decade. He describes how today’s organizations can approach the acquisition of human capital with the same rigor they follow when investing in other valuable assets. The target – reducing risk and growing payoff in a tough business climate by finding the best talent.

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Dr. David Jones and employment attorney Jeffrey Ross review both the payoff and the risks that come with today’s exploding use of social media sites to source, attract, and engage candidates.  Presented by ExecSense, a leader in delivering webinars and other information to today’s business leaders, the session describes some  the pitfalls employers can experience when they enter this fast growing area of employee recruitment.

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Dr. Jones cites hard evidence that using educational degrees as a hiring standard offers a poor payoff.  He offers up simple, straightforward, and far more accurate hiring standards to replace this classic approach during his September 29,2011 interview with BizActions.

A story posted on the August 12, 2011 on the website titled Sales Conversion Tactics builds on Dave Jones recent work in creating salesforce hiring techniques that bring a bottom line payoff.  The story features Jones’ findings about the workplace personality features that define the highest-producing sales professionals.

Dave Jones speaks with Radio America’s Greg Corombos about ways today’s employers can find, assess, hire,and retain the best talent, while avoiding many of the pitfalls that both large and small companies can face on the legal front.  The payoff small employers and new startups can achieve is covered by citing some of the  easy to use toolkits available in the marketplace.

You can listen to the full podcast here

Dr. Jones offers five suggestions employers can follow to avoid legal challenges when they use social media tools and technology to source job candidates.  Bottom line – they work.  Caution – Don’t step into trouble without knowing it.

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Dr.  Jones covers the key concepts in Million Dollar Hire for Detroit radio station WPHM-AM, where the Q&A covers some of the latest tools and technology for making the best hiring investments.

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Dr. Jones offers insights to the Daily HR Solutions web site on pitfalls that come with using social media as a recruiting vehicle.  Describing the social media tools as a great approach, Jones suggests some of the steps employers need to take to gain the benefit, but avoid the legal exposure they can bring.

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Dr. Jones reviews both the payoff and risks in using social networking tools as part of the candidate sourcing process. He offers up four major suggestions for “staying out of trouble,” while helping find the best candidates with this fast-growing suite of Internet sourcing capabilities.

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On July 7, 2011, Dr. David Jones served as guest presenter in a webinar broadcast to Corporate Leadership Council members of the Corporate Executive Board. The more than 400 attendees heard Jones speak about the payoff gained from using today’s best technologies and hiring tools to source, attract, and screen candidates for a broad range of organizational roles.