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Bill Roberts updates the current status of “integrity testing” in both the research and user communities.  Along with other authorities in the field, Dave Jones offers guidance about the risk and rewards in using such tests, along with the perspective that broader-based personality testing offers more value… and less risk.  As Jones explains:  Make sure the tools you’re using really work, and that they don’t result in discarding a high percent of candidates in order to find the very small numbers who will be problems in the workplace.

New and Effective Candidate Selection Techniques, Including Social Media, Carry Legal Risks, as Do Tactics Employers “Could Have Used but Didn’t” — Four Steps Can Help Avert Legal Headaches

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Michael Mink’s column on Leaders and Success in the May 24, 2011 issue of Investor’s Business Daily Cites Concepts Presented in Million Dollar Hire.

In a one-hour radio interview, Dr. Jones answers Michele’s questions about how to hire in today’s business climate for entrepreneurs and “solopreneurs,” and talks about how growing a company with value rests so heavily on finding and holding the best talent.  Michele offers up great questions that focus on how hiring the best no longer requires great expense and big-company resources.

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Hear Dr. Jones spend an hour with attendees at a Talent Technology Corporation webinar, discussing some of the key concepts covered in Million Dollar Hire. Hear questions the audience posses to gain a better understanding of how the concepts relate to their own businesses.

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Dave Jones answers host Bill Frank’s questions about how employers can add to their bottom lines by following the best practices techniques reviewed in Million Dollar Hire.

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The experts at SeyFarth Shaw analyze the Title VII and ADA issues associated with pencil-and-paper testing, as well as physical ability tests. They also dive into the OFCCP’s Internet applicant rule. The concepts covered offer an invaluable resource for employers who need a better understanding of such screening procedures.

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The experts at SeyFarth Shaw offer up a checklist of warning signs that can help identify the most common, and most dangerous, employment testing pitfalls… before you step into them.

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Understanding Ricci can be crucial for private and public employers alike. The experts at SeyFarth Shaw highlight the legal and practical significance of the Supreme Court’s latest take on the tensions between affirmative action and Title VII’s non-discrimination mandate.

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Almost all manufacturing companies across America require post-offer medical exams. All are governed by federal and state laws. The experts at SeyFarth Shaw show how these laws relate to each other, to the employer’s jobs, and how an employer can use them to meet its hiring needs and remain compliant.

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