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Personality testing can make sense, whether in hiring one key executive, or a cadre of entry-level employees. If done poorly, though, it can cost an employer millions. See how to do it the right way as the experts at SeyFarth Shaw describe how to approach the increasingly popular screening tools underlying workplace personality assessment.

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The legal compliance experts at SeyFarth Shaw, along with Dr. David Jones, describe an in-depth analysis used to conduct recruitment and hiring best practices audits under the protections of attorney-client and work product privileges.

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The legal compliance experts at SeyFarth Shaw show how applicant tracking rules impact not only federal contractors, but non-contractors committed to an inclusive and successful search for the best qualified candidates.

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Jones is interviewed about Million Dollar Hire on the nationally syndicated radio program – The Insana Quotient – hosted by renowned business journalist, Ron Insana.  The interview hits the key points of the book, and answers questions about what employers can do to maximize the payoff in their hiring programs.

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Learning Four Things About a Candidate Paves the Way to Finding the Best New Hires Says Recruitment Expert Dr. David P. Jones, Author of the New Million-Dollar Hire and President of Growth Ventures Inc.

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Great recruiting starts in knowing what you’re looking for – simply seeking ‘great candidates’ doesn’t cut it. Learning four things about a candidate paves the way to finding the best new hires.

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Vancouver, BC – February 22, 2011 – Talent Technology Corporation, a leading provider of recruiting solutions for corporations, staffing firms, HR software vendors, and job boards, today announced the launch of the new Talemetry talent generation suite: a five-module integrated solution developed to empower organizations to continually source, market, and engage a pipeline of high-quality talent.  Introduction of the Talemetry suite reflects Talent Technology’s ongoing commitment to be at the forefront of recruiting solutions and innovation, and become the industry standard for technology used in the recruiting process.

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A key part in building high-payoff hiring programs rests in targeting the candidate competencies that drive success.  Chapter 8 in Million Dollar Hire describes how competency models are built, and how they are linked to all phases of world-class recruiting and hiring efforts.  To help our readers get started, the following pages offer six competency models to help produce your own competency-based hiring programs, without suffering the costs that come with building the models from scratch.

Hiring Will Need to Meet the Same Kind of Dollar Returns as Manufacturing, Sales, Customer Service and Other Operations; the Best Hires Return 40% on Their Salary Each Year, While the Worst Produce a 40% Loss, According to Author of Just-Released Million-Dollar Hire

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“Dark” Aspects of Personality Predict Performance, but Current Hiring Practices Focus Mainly on Bright Side Virtues; Evaluating Dark Side Is Key Because “More Is Worse,” Says Dr. David P. Jones, Author of the Forthcoming Million-Dollar Hire

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