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Dr. Jones spends an hour with BlogTalkRadio’s Wayne Hurlbert discussing the financial payoff that comes with hiring the best talent. Jones walk Wayne through the revolution in tools, technology, and user platforms that has changed completely the world of recruiting and hiring over the past decade. He describes how today’s organizations can approach the acquisition of human capital with the same rigor they follow when investing in other valuable assets. The target – reducing risk and growing payoff in a tough business climate by finding the best talent.

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Dr.  Jones covers the key concepts in Million Dollar Hire for Detroit radio station WPHM-AM, where the Q&A covers some of the latest tools and technology for making the best hiring investments.

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Bill Roberts updates the current status of “integrity testing” in both the research and user communities.  Along with other authorities in the field, Dave Jones offers guidance about the risk and rewards in using such tests, along with the perspective that broader-based personality testing offers more value… and less risk.  As Jones explains:  Make sure the tools you’re using really work, and that they don’t result in discarding a high percent of candidates in order to find the very small numbers who will be problems in the workplace.

Michael Mink’s column on Leaders and Success in the May 24, 2011 issue of Investor’s Business Daily Cites Concepts Presented in Million Dollar Hire.

In a one-hour radio interview, Dr. Jones answers Michele’s questions about how to hire in today’s business climate for entrepreneurs and “solopreneurs,” and talks about how growing a company with value rests so heavily on finding and holding the best talent.  Michele offers up great questions that focus on how hiring the best no longer requires great expense and big-company resources.

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Hear Dr. Jones spend an hour with attendees at a Talent Technology Corporation webinar, discussing some of the key concepts covered in Million Dollar Hire. Hear questions the audience posses to gain a better understanding of how the concepts relate to their own businesses.

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Dave Jones answers host Bill Frank’s questions about how employers can add to their bottom lines by following the best practices techniques reviewed in Million Dollar Hire.

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Jones is interviewed about Million Dollar Hire on the nationally syndicated radio program – The Insana Quotient – hosted by renowned business journalist, Ron Insana.  The interview hits the key points of the book, and answers questions about what employers can do to maximize the payoff in their hiring programs.

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Learning Four Things About a Candidate Paves the Way to Finding the Best New Hires Says Recruitment Expert Dr. David P. Jones, Author of the New Million-Dollar Hire and President of Growth Ventures Inc.

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Great recruiting starts in knowing what you’re looking for – simply seeking ‘great candidates’ doesn’t cut it. Learning four things about a candidate paves the way to finding the best new hires.

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