Have a question, need advice, thinking about improving your Million Dollar Hires?  Contact us, see how we can add payoff to your recruiting and hiring practices.  The professionals at Growth Ventures, Inc. help employers design and automate their recruiting and hiring practices to improving dramatically their quality of hire, cost efficiency, and compliance with today’s legal requirements.  Whether it’s the latest recruiting and sourcing capability, candidate assessment tools, data tracking systems, or continuous improvement methods, Growth Ventures, Inc. helps employers improve the payoff in their Million Dollar Hires.

We focus on proven solutions to finding, screening, and hiring top-performing employees, whether entry-level positions, professionals, management, or executive roles.

Whether a major organization, a startup, or a business seeking to grow the bottom line, we help:

  1. Identify the competencies your organization needs in its top performers every day, and show how to target them with proven tools and systems,
  2. Create sourcing, pre-screening, and assessment tactics that measure  your jobs’ key requirements, bringing tools with a best-in-breed record of success,
  3. Automate and improve the accuracy of labor-intensive steps in your hiring process, producing informative, action-oriented reports at each step in the “hiring funnel,”
  4. Track and evaluate your hiring results with metrics you can use to drive continuous improvement, evaluate legal compliance, and demonstrate true returns on investment, and
  5. Deliver to you training and hands-on support, tailoring the hiring process to your unique way of doing business.

We also help address the legal challenges in implementing hiring solutions, guiding structured review of all recruitment and hiring areas – areas that, if structured poorly, can lead to challenge in today’s evolving legal and regulatory environment.  We bring expertise gained in legal compliance reviews, expert witness testimony, and hand-in-hand work the labor and employment counsel.