Executives, business entrepreneurs, and leaders from the HR and legal professions have endorsed the ideas and practical examples presented in Million Dollar Hire.

Those of us who run the financial side of organizations often underestimate the payoff that comes with hiring the best. Jones not only shows how to create
world-class hiring programs, he also demonstrates how to pin a financial value on it. A must-read for every executive looking to boost the bottom line.

Robert S. McCoy, Jr., former vice chairman and CFO, Wachovia

No decision that a leader makes has the direct impact on corporate performance that high-quality hiring does. The payoff in world-class hiring rests not only in finding the best qualified candidate, but in avoiding those with ‘dark side’ qualities that derail more than half of today’s leaders. Jones outlines the economics of effective hiring and offers clear, scientifically sound ways to find the best, while avoiding the worst.

Thomas L. Monahan III, chairman and CEO, Corporate Executive Board

It takes a great product to build a business, but great people make it happen. Million-Dollar Hire shows just how to find, land, and hold onto the best. Every entrepreneur needs to read it . . . now!

Kevin Harrington, star on ABC’s Shark Tank; author, Act Now! How I Turn Ideas into Million-Dollar Products; and chairman, TVGoods

Hiring decisions today involve a maze of legal land mines. Dave Jones blends his extensive knowledge, hands on practice, and first-hand litigation experience to guide employers on how to successfully maneuver through these risks.

M. Margaret Banas, Vice President and Associate General Counsel, Henkel of America

The financial and human resources sides of a business often think in different terms and speak in different languages. Jones shows how to link the two.

Daniel T. Cox, former managing director, J.P. Morgan, and chairman and CEO, Aon Consulting Worldwide

This book makes complicated hiring concepts understandable and (surprisingly) interesting! It is a must-read for anyone who cares about human capital in their organization.

Theresa R. Shea, assistant general counsel, True Value Company